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Gallery 332 Art & Auction

Antoine Blanchard

Boulevard de la Madeline, Paris en 1900 French, 1910-1988 Oil on canvas

Henk Bos

Blue Dish with Dried Corn Dutch, 1901-1979 Oil on canvas

Harry Brooker

Children at Play, 1903 English, 1848-1940 Oil on canvas

Jan Van Chelminski

Napoleon on Horseback Polish, 1851–1925 Oil on panel

Allan Houser

Memories Live On, 1985 American, 1914-1944 Bronze relief

Dines Carlsen

Mountain Desert Landscape American, 1901-1966 Oil on board

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Theo Sommer, editor, Die Zeit, September 1979 German/American, 1898-1995 Gelatin silver print on fiber paper

F. Andrea

River Landscape, 20th Century Oil on canvas

Jean Dufy

La fil-de-feristé, c. 1938 French, 1888-1964 Mixed media on board

Benton Clark

The Alibi, 1925 American, 1894-1964 Oil on canvas Signed & dated

Alfred Fontville De Breanski, Jr.

In a Cumberland Dale British, 1877-1957 Oil on canvas

Continental School

Farm by River Oil on Canvas

Mary E. Dean

Young Girl with Flowers, c.1852 Watercolor, Ink, Pencil on Board

T.H. Tompkins

Girl Picking Flowers American, 20th century Oil on Canvas


Ceres and Bacchus, 18th Century German, est. 1675 Porcelain Figures

Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita

Study of a Man’s Profile, c. 1930 Japanese, 1886-1968 Graphite on paper

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Protesters Demand the Release of Ukranian Political Prisoners in the USSR, Munich, 1980 German/American, 1898-1995 Gelatin silver print on fiber paper

Louis Neillot

La Verger a Saulcet, 1968 French, 1898-1873 Oil on canvas

David Giuseppe Sani

A Humorous Story, 1885 Italian, 1828-1914 Oil on canvas

Francesco Mariotti Carrara

Two Souls Embracing Italian, 1838-1952 Marble

Erté (Romain de Tirtoff)

La Mystérieuse Russian, 1892-1990 Polychrome bronze

Evdokim Egoroff

Pulling Hay in Snow Russian, 1832-1891 Watercolor on paper

Filippo Indoni

Two Peasants Italian, 1842-1908 Watercolor on paper

After Pablo Picasso

Dormeuse a L'Oreiller Rouge, c.1979 Spanish, 1881-1973 Color lithograph on paper

Allan Houser

Cerrillos, 1993 American, 1914-1944 Bronze

Romain de Tirtoff Erté

Charleston Couple Russian, 1892-1990

N.D. Moore

Still Lake Landscape American, active 20th Century Oil on canvas

Edgar Chahine

La Promenade, 1902 French-American, 1874-1947 Aquatint & etching on paper

Yaacov Agam

Space Agam Israeli b. 1928 Color polymorph

After Salomon van Ruysdael

Nautical Scene Continental School, 19th Century Oil on canvas

Gertrude Felton Harbart

Abstract Roots American, b. 1908-1999 Oil on masonite

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Le Chapeau Épinglé, c. 1894 French, 1841-1919 Etching on paper

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Salambo Night Club, Kurfuerstendamm, West  Berlin, September 1979 German/American, 1898-1995 Gelatin silver print on fiber paper

Ruth Duckworth

Abstract Sculpture, 1970 German, 1919-2009 Glazed stoneware

Alberto Giacometti

Dans I'Atelier, from Paroles peintres (Lust 187), 1965 Swiss, 1901-1966

Francois Kinson

Apolline Rose Benjamine, Frotier de la Coste Dutch, 1770-1839 Oil on canvas

Felice Jacobson

Belgian, 1816-1889 Woman with Laurel Crown Oil on canvas Signed

Allan Houser

War Song, 1987 American, 1914-1944 Bronze

Allan Houser

Listening to the Rain, 1990 American, 1914-1944 Bronze

Tunis Ponsen

Portrait of a Woman c. 1930 Dutch-American, 1891-1968, Oil on canvas

Henri Matisse

Irène--Masque, 1954 French, 1869-1954 Etching on paper

Salvador Dalí

Visions of Chicago 4 Piece Suite, 1975 Spanish, 1904-1989 Etching and drypoint with stencil

Joan Miró

L'Entraineuse-brun (Mourlot 614), 1969 Spain, 1893-1983 Color lithograph on Rives paper

Pauline Palmer

Child in White American, 1867-1938 Oil on masonite

Jan Saudek

Black and White Nude Czech, b. 1935 Gelatin silver print on paper

Robert William Wood

Dance of the Cypress, 1946 American, 1889-1979 Oil on canvas

Dutch, 19th Century

Trio of Cows Oil on board

Svend Svendsen

Winter Landscape Norwegian, 1864-1945 Oil on canvas


Garden Scene with Geishas Woodblock on paper

Raphael Nannini

Retreat from Russia - Hussars on horseback Italian,1852-1925 Bronze

Karel Appel

Abstract Figure Dutch, 1921-2006 Color lithograph on paper

Milne Ramsey

Summer Landscape American, 1847-1915 Oil on wood

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